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Childrens Carousel

Built-in 1901, the hand-turned Children's Carousel is a firm favourite from Victorian times. The Carousel is a stunning addition to any event, especially perfect for children’s birthday parties!

The ride is available for hire countrywide, taking a footprint of 20ft in diameter. Please notify us if your event has limited access to make arrangements. 

If you want something to really bring the feeling of the fair to any venue, then our fairground organ accompanies our carousel perfectly! Head down to our extras to find out more.

Dimension: 6.5m diameter x 3.4m high

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Junior Swing boats

The Royal Jubilee Swingboats are our oldest and most popular attraction. These swingboats have six boats and can ride adults and children however, if you are looking at having swingboats for adult riders, please check out our adult swingboats.

Based on a set of traditional swing boats, we hand-built these boats from the same materials as they were built back in the 1900s to ensure they are suitable for all weather conditions, are hard wearing and most importantly, safe.

Dimension: 11.5m x 6m x 4m 

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“Britain’s fastest flying Chair-o-Planes!”

Our Children Chair-o-Planes are a classic example of 1950s fairground rides. With beautifully painted Aviation themed artwork by local artist Pete Theobald, they are a great addition to any event or party.

They ride children from around 2 years old to early teenagers.

Dimension: 8 metres in diameter

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Adult Swing boats

As old as they get, Swingboats have been entertaining the thousands since the early 1800s and are still as popular today. Operated and controlled by the rider with church bell ropes, the ride is illuminated with traditional lighting, adding warmth and atmosphere to any event especially as the night draws in.

The swing boats are tailored for weddings and functions, built taller than our Royal Jubilee’s and with four boats designed for adult and teenage riders.

Dimension: 11m x 8m x 5m 

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Coconut saloon

We have sympathetically restored a very old-fashioned coconut shy, dating back to the 1900s. The ‘sheet’ as it is known became available at the start of the 2014 season and has been restored and painted in a Victorian style, complemented at night with the warm and inviting lights. This one named the ‘Coconut Saloon’ requires a footprint of 15-foot sq.

The Coconut Saloon is one of the oldest games at the fair. A guaranteed crowd-pleaser for young and old, our fully covered Coconut Saloon will bring out the competitive side in your guests!

Dimension: 4m x 4m x 3m

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Round Stalls

We have two beautifully restored English Round Stalls, the larger one was built in the 1960s by a firm called Ongar in Essex, the smaller one was built by Thomas Chertsey in the 1930s. They are a great addition to any event; the stalls can be tailored to your request with different games!

The current games on offer include;

  • Hook a Duck

  • Roll-em-down game 

  • Ball in a globe

  • Hoopla

Dimension: 6.2m diameter

Side stalls

Our side stalls are lovingly restored and over 85 years old! The stalls are really flexible and can host a multitude of games whether it's a game of skill or a prize every time. 

The stall is 6m in length and games available include, Penguin splash, tin can alley, ball in the lion's mouth, milk churns and hoopla. 

Lit with over 100 traditional lamps and beautifully decorated throughout this stall really is a head-turner!

Dimension: 6.5m x 3m x 3m

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High striker

Ding! We have another winner on the striker! This attraction has a very small footprint but is a complete head-turner at its almighty 21 feet. Really giving the fun to the fair, this is a challenge for the strongest men and women, a crowd puller and a brilliant entertainer!


It is based on an original Thomas’ of Chertsey striker, complete with lighting on either side of the tower. These games are on pictures of fairgrounds and markets as far back as the 1880s and are still widely enjoyed today. 

Have you got children at your event? Add a mini striker to your booking and you can entertain guests from 3 to 93 years old!

Dimension: 2m x 2m x 6.6m

High striker

Candy floss & Popcorn barrow

Who can resist bright pink candy floss or the smell of warm popcorn! Here we have our traditional Victorian market cart serving both candy floss and popcorn. This is a great addition to any event, party or wedding. The market cart comes fully lit so can be placed anywhere at your venue! 

We can offer a range of products to serve on the market cart; Candy floss, Popcorn, Pick & Mix, toffee apples, fudge, brandy snap or anything you desire! The Market cart requires double-door access to be used indoors, if access isn't available we have a smaller demountable stand that can be carried into any location. If indoors a power outlet will need to be accessible to plug into.

Dimension: 2 x 1 metres 

Candy Floss & Popcorn Barrow

Fairground Organ

We’ve got traditional music too, with our 35 key limonaire fairground organ! This can be hired to go with our children's carousel, standalone for an event or as a film/tv prop. The organ still runs on paper music books and we have a range of them available. It has a great patina which adds to the character of this piece.

Dimension: 1750mm x 1600mm x 700mm

Fairground Organ

Large Static Carousel Horses

We have two large carousel horses too. These are decorated in flamboyant traditional colours and can be personalised with a name on the neck of the horse. They come with stands and a large twisted brass pole which makes them able to be sat on for some great photo opportunities!

Dimension: 2 x 1 metres 

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